CDMX In Utah

Mexico City Street Food, In Utah.

As natives of Mexico City, La Garnacha's food is uniquely made to taste just like Mexico City Street Food! It’s different from the Tex-Mex advertised as “Mexican” all around the U.S. Instead, it offers the traditional flavor, texture, and taste we grew up enjoying. At the same time, we’ve designed our restaurant to present the looks, smells, sounds, and ambiance that goes along with it. 

Before opening, and with the experience of our parents old restaurants, we perfected our dishes in our home, all while serving dozens of customers from our garage to ensure we got the tastes right. Then, on what was one of the most tiring and fulfilling days we’ve experienced as a family, we opened La Garnacha - Mexico City Style Cuisine right on Herriman Main St. on August 22, 2020.

We’re grateful for the happy customers who continued to pick up their orders from our garage. We’re also grateful for the hundreds who have joined them as becoming regulars at our restaurant. Our goal is to influence our guests with the charm of Mexico City while delivering a delightful dining experience! We also strive to help those who don’t understand authentic Mexican culture learn more about it while also giving our friends and family from Mexico a “taste from home”. So far, we have many satisfied customers.

From the Tapia family: Gracias Herriman and the surrounding communities of Riverton, South Jordan, Daybreak, West Jordan, West Valley and many others! We’ve appreciated your love, and we hope you feel ours when you visit La Garnacha Restaurant.