What is a Garnacha?

Garnacha is Mexico City's comfort food; it's the food that is easily available in every corner.

It is the authentic Mexican fast food, which had no need to go through any foreign fast-food chain. It is the basis of Mexican haute cuisine for being typical, from "barrio", traditional and even regional.

How generous is The City? In each corner it offers quesadillas with a ocean view of cars, gorditas with an environmental contingency, a tlacoyo accompanied by engine and horn noise, a babacoa seasoned with emblematic monuments. Yes, there is a little bit of the city in each bite of a Garnacha.

Newly imagined and totally improved, Mexico City's gastronomy is complete and something like you've NEVER tasted before.

From its Aztec roots and a mix of many other cultures, La Garnacha is quite an experience. Garnacha is a lifestyle.

La Garnacha Utah
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