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A gordita (Spanish pronunciation: [ɡoɾˈðita]) in Mexican cuisine is a dish made with masa and stuffed with cheesemeat, or other fillings. 


It is similar to the Colombian and Venezuelan arepa. Gordita means "chubby" in Spanish, it is typically fried in a deep wok-shaped comal, consumed mostly in central and southern Mexico. The most common and representative variation of this dish is the "gordita de chicharrón", filled with chicharron (a spiced stew of pork rind) which is widely consumed throughout Mexico. Gorditas are often eaten as a lunch dish and accompanied by several types of sauce.

A gordita is typically prepared as a thick tortilla. The dough is most commonly made of nixtamalized corn flour, as also used for tortillas. Once the masa has been prepared, it is separated in small portions, then each one is filled with meat, and shaped like an oblong disc.


The pastry is immersed in boiling oil until golden and crispy on the outside. After cooking, the gordita is allowed to stand to drain excess oil, then a small slit is cut into one side to allow vapor and excessive heat to release, and lime juice and salsa are poured inside, which gives the gordita its characteristic flavor.


By tradition, gorditas are filled with chicharron.