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Al Pastor Sope - La Garnacha - Mexico Ci


The sopes have their origin in the pre-Hispanic cultures that inhabited the central and southern areas of our country; With the passage of time, this dish spread throughout the country and gained recognition as one of the favorite Garnachas in the Mexican Culture.

The way of preparing them is so varied that we find sopes out of the ordinary, among them we find vegetarian, sweet, and even heart-shaped sopes! The latter were created in Mexico City by a restaurant to celebrate the Day of love and friendship (Valentine's Day).

There is no doubt that the mix between Mexican ingenuity and gastronomy offers us creative and delicious dishes that allow us to show the love we feel, either for a person or for food.

This 8" diameter tortilla, with in-house made refried beans, carefully chopped onion and cleaned cilantro with salsa on top; with any topping of your choice, is one of the most delicious, simple and generational dishes Mexican culture is sharing through La Garnacha.